Friday, February 26, 2010

The things we pick up

(Long time, no blog, eh?)

I was thinking about the little things we pick up when we join a new world (the sheepdog world in my case) and I think my very favorite thing I've picked up is "YOU LISTEN!". It's partly because it's so atrociously silly to yell "LISTEN" to your dog and expect them to actually listen and partly because I'll be damned if it doesn't work.

I've seen different handlers/dog trainers do this so I don't *think* it's just a my trainer thing. Anyway, I watched people do it when their dog is blowing them off. The dog gets snatched up, and firmly told to LISTEN and then set back on their way. That's usually it.

Being the primate I am, I mimic things I've seen and when Soda blew me off for the gogillionth time one I day, I walked her down, took her firmly by her collar and got in her face and said YOU LISTEN and let her go and I'll be damned if she didn't actually listen and stop acting like an idiot. I know it wasn't because she understood what LISTEN means and it was more of "Oh shit. This bitch means business." but nevertheless, it still amuses me.

I was outside with the dogs today waiting for the electrician to finish and I was playing Frisbee with the Soda and asking her to do tricks for tosses and she just laid down and started barking so I firmly took her by her collar and told her LISTEN and there ya go. I had a dog who listened.

It is something I can only with Soda and not the other dogs. She is such a different dog and that is a post for another day.