Saturday, August 28, 2010

Started up again

Well, I took a month and half off for a few reasons and I just started back up. I think it was good to be laid up for a while. Soda was super pushy, but that didn't surprise me at all after all that time off.

I'm really hoping to trial this fall and finish up some titles on Soda and maybe get 1 or two more for funsies.

My blog posts have become further and further apart because our progress is slowing and slowing and a lot of the time it's just an inch at time (in relation to driving: many times it's literally an inch at a time!) It's frustrating, especially because I have serious border collie envy but I think I'm learning to be more okay with what I've got and appreciate what she can do and stop feeling so embarrassed that I'm still trudging away in AKC junk. --and don't tell anyone but getting ribbons is fun and so is getting titles. THERE. I SAID IT. I SAID IT OUT LOUD. Judge away! ;)

This last time we went out Soda had some good out runs and she was hard to stop but I kept at it and she stopped on the fetch and figured out that the faster she stopped, the faster she could get moving again. I have to stop her on the fetch to teach her to slow the hell down or otherwise she just goes WHEEEEE and tries to kill me via sheep.

I made her work really hard on some bigger outruns and some driving and so as reward we practiced penning and it was a mess. I just gave up after a few minutes of ring around the pen. No one was accomplishing anything and I was getting more and more blustered!

So, that's what's going on in the Soda sheep dog world. :)