Sunday, November 22, 2009

Away is okay

and go by isn't so much! I noticed that she would take the away inside flank but not the go by inside flank. I stood on top of the hill which meant she would need to use more gb's and there is fence up at the top I can stand up against. She ran all the way up that damn hill like three times to run behind me but on the fourth she thought about maybeeeeeee she didn't want to run all the way back up and then she took the inside flank. She only had energy to do it once more--it's a long way! I don't know if it's mean or not but it seems to work for her--appeal to her "oh my god, I can't run anymore" side. I always let her pick up her sheep afterwards as a reward.

We sorted sheep and Soda just LOVES working singles! She managed to pick off the one I needed and was all "NO YOU DON'T!" and pushed her through. I suck at sorting though. I get very singular minded. When you say but "Group A" here, that's what I do. I forget that they're animals and you sometimes have to come up with creative solutions.

Anyway, good works today!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is interesting about this picture?


Is it the massive amount of dirt?
The cute lambios?
The crappy focus?

No. Take your time, look and study.



Got it? Not yet?

Well, she is BETWEEN me and the sheep! She did two whole, complete, comfortable, non-ridiculously slow, correct inside flanks ON HER OWN. This was actually #3 and we stopped right after this because I was so pleased. She is finally and slowly getting it. We've been using crazy baby lambios and I've been vigilant about letting her have fun, too. I practiced penning a little bit because she so loves that. Her pupils dialate, her whole body gets wound and I just have 100% of my dog when she sees that pen. She just loves it. I've said it before but I think it's because she can see what needs to be done and how to do it easily. I refreshed her in the middle with some penning and I got more dog after that. So fun.

Oh, and Terry has a litter on the ground. I so want. I want I want I want I want I want.

Anyway, todays work was just what I needed. She did really well. :) Feel free to congratulate her in the comments.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm not entering any trials

until I get some kind of inside flank. I don't want to just rodeo through it, I want to try to place and I can't do that, ESPECIALLY on A course unless I can carefully tweak her movements and I can't do that w/o an inside flank.

We worked a little in the middle sized arena getting her to go between me and the sheep and we used some crazy lambios and I think, after a few minutes, she thought it was fun because when she moved them boy did they move! ZOOM!

So then we worked in the field and had her work way off me. I would ask for an inside flank to keep the sheep on an imaginary line and she turned and ran alllllllllllllllllllll the way back to be and around me in a reverse out run and I made her do that a couple of times and then she said "this is bullshit" and did an inside flank. Lots of praise and sheep moving! She did a couple of crappy inside flanks and we stopped with that. Progress! She was still visibly uncomfortable but obviously not uncomfortable enough to haul ass all the way back again.

She also picked off a single and worked her back to me. This was a rogue ewe in with the lambios. She said "I ain't takin this shit" and kept trying to leave and so I had Soda work her back to me. She really really really liked that. I know I shouldn't really let her "take the easy route" and just let her break off but she really enjoys it and doesn't take cheap shots and it's really important, especially for her, that I let her have fun to keep her keen. And also, I just like seeing her do something she enjoys and can do well. :D