Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Hai.

Long time no post! Holidays and such business and other things!

We had a lesson this week and it went pretty well. I think we're going to enter an AHBA HTD course. I'm going to run level II, if everything goes alright.

We worked a bit on outruns because they were absolute rubbish. Terry's so funny, she said "You need to fix that out run. She's weaving all over the place like a... like a.... like a.... well, an Aussie!" I had to LOL. I stopped her at the stop and voila! moiche better.

She did a pretty good cross drive and I was really proud of her. She did some 3/4 inside flanks. They're not perfect yet and she's not coming all the way inside but it's a lot better and as with all things, patience is a virtue.

It's green as green can be out there and the puppies are big and going to their homes. I desperately want one but it's not to be. I've got enough dogs and a lot of things on the horizon.

It's a small update, but hopefully we'll get back into the groove soon.

Happy Herding. :)