Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Pro-Novice after all.

No updates in a bit, I know but Soda is laid up with an injury. I'm super sad about it but I'm also kind of stressed out about Soda being in pain/uncomfortable.

A couple of weeks ago, actually about 3 now, she had some foxtails between her toes and I was pulling them out and she and I got into a fight about it and she tried to pull away from me and I didn't let go of her foot so she was sliding around. Then she went lame on her back right leg and I was *sure* that she blew her ACL.

We went to the vet the next day and her knee is good. WHEW. The vet said soft tissue injury, NSAIDs and a few days of rest and you're good to go. Great news, I thought! So, we did as she said and then Soda was fine.

Then, the next week after a couple of tough days of work/play, she started limping again. I was pretty upset! Then I had the vet at work look at it and she was able to narrow down the injury to a muscle injury on on the back of her leg, but wasn't sure exactly which muscle it is. So I made an appointment with a veterinary physical therapist and she was great. She was able to identify which muscle it is and gave me a plan of attack.

THEN after just a day of PT Soda became significantly worse, so I emailed the vet and she said back off a bit with the therapy. Fast forward to now and Soda is now tripoding a lot. She much worse than before.

So frustrating! I have an appointment with the vet again tomorrow, but she wants me to see another therapist, but she's only available on Tuesdays which is totally not convenient for me and I can't take more time off work so hopefully she'll call me back and we can work out another day but until she calls me back, I'm going to keep my appointment with the first therapist and see how it goes.

I'm really bummed about missing this trial, of course, but also, I want my dog to feel better! I wanted to do lots of dog beach and hiking trips this summer and I don't think it's going to happen. So, our stockdog career is on hold until Soda is sound again and I'm not sure how long this is going to take.

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